Product description

Lap cushion for busy hands

Brightly coloured and beautifully decorated, our Lizzie lap cushion is perfect for warming the knees, soothing the soul and keeping hands busy.

Designed to engage, relax, and distract, it’s playful surface design is fascinating for the fingertips to trace and explore, providing endless opportunities to entertain and unwind. The added weight keeps the cushion in place and offers an emotional anchor to help ground and calm people with sensory needs.


To comfort and distract people living with anxiety or dementia


Our busy hands lap cushion can provide comfort, interest, or a welcome distraction, to anyone living with dementia and anxiety related issues.


  • Weighted beads for stability and a sense of grounding –
  • Soft fabrics for warmth and comfort
  • Washable fabric outer at 30c


Wash by hand or gentle machine wash at 30c .

Dry naturally on a low heat, preferably not in the tumble dryer.