Workshops for children and families

Product description

Inspiring tomorrow’s inventors and crafters.

We offer fun and friendly maker’s workshops throughout the year often with a seasonal theme. eg decorations for Christmas.

Make your own soft toy characters
Upcycle your favourite old clothes and jumpers into fun soft toys and comforters for all the family.

Talking pictures
Paint an interactive picture using conductive ink and add your own sound effects to tell a story. This is a fun way to mix art and technology!

Paper circuits
Mix the wonderful art of papercraft with electronics. You can quickly sketch circuits on paper using copper tape, conductive ink and simple electronics components to make your designs light up.


Please get in contact with Annie for further details and to make a booking.

Who are these workshops for?
· Anyone who loves making, crafting, sewing, tinkering and inventing
· Children and parents who want to share the fun of making and inventing together