Inspiring Tomorrow’s Inventors & Technologists

Explore the intersection where Art, Craft, Design & Technology meet – in an atmosphere of innovation and enthusiasm

Experience electronics through hands-on workshops

Make your own E-textile invention

Inquisitive youngsters and would-be inventors will get a fascinating experience & insight into this exciting new area…

… and how they might take part in shaping the future!

We offer both tailor made one-off workshops or a series of creative technology sessions for a variety of age groups. Please get in contact with Annie Lywood for further details and to make a booking. Mobile 07980 381711

Squishy circuits

A fun way to introduce circuits to young children. We use a mix of conductive and nonconductive Playdough to make sculptural shapes we can light up with LEDs, make noises with buzzers and control with switches. Suitable for 7 to 11 year olds

Paper circuits

Mix the wonderful art of papercraft with electronics. You can quickly create circuits on paper using copper tape, conductive ink and simple electronics components. You will learn how to create basic circuits, and sketch with electronics.

Sound Pictures

Paint an interactive picture using conductive ink and add your own sound effects.

Bring the sounds of nature indoors or tell a story using conductive ink and touch sensors embedded in your picture. This is a fun way to mix art and technology!

Sewing Circuits / E-Textiles

We will introduce you to a variety of E-Textile components and making techniques then go on to sew a circuit using conductive thread to light up a number of LEDs. Having mastered the basics we will explore different sensors, make our own switches to control them and have fun applying your new skills in your own designs.