Championing UK-made products on #madeinUKday

Celebrating and support the brilliant artisan makers, specialist manufacturers and suppliers that help make our products.

An important part of our mission is to preserve UK craftsmanship, help to rebuild British manufacturing and create new digital artisan opportunities and apprenticeships.

Made in Somerset

At Bonnie Binary, our products are made by a team of brilliantly talented artisans based in Somerset in the UK. I love overseeing every stage of production, firstly to ensure quality but also because I love to make too! It’s really rewarding meeting up with like-minded artisans, tweaking the designs and the making process so we can deliver the best possible products, together.

Today is the perfect day to celebrate the makers and suppliers at Bonnie Binary.







From left to right: that’s me – Annie the Founder, hugging Purrdy the cat in the garden. Jessica the pattern cutter in her studio, in Bristol, Alison under the Lime tree in her garden advising on production methods. The AllsewnUp team in Somerset assembling the first products and the wonderful Jacky Puzey in her embroidery studios in Bristol.
Currently, I’m the only full-time member of the team but, behind the scenes, there is a brilliant team of artisans, consultants, advisers and creatives who all help bring the Bonnie Binary products to life!

Every small business represents so many others and I’d like to thank everyone for their support as we grow.

Pledge to buy UK-made on #madeinukday!

You will be helping to:

* Lower our carbon footprint
* Save essential skills
* Create job opportunities
* Promote UK craftsmanship
* Boost local economies
* Preserve UK manufacturing

One last thing…

More than 65 million people live in the UK. If every person bought just one item made in the UK worth £20 on #madeinukday it would be worth a whopping £1.3 billion!

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