Welcome to Bonnie Binary

About us

Bonnie Binary is engaged in the multi-disciplinary area of Interactive Textiles – focused on creating decorative, textile interfaces that are simple/easy-to-use.

We design high-tech solutions with familiar, low-tech, textile interfaces, which make connecting with technology easier and more comfortable across a range of needs.

Our work in E-Textiles, the Internet Of Things (IoT) and Assisted Living enhances the user experience, and quality of life, by harnessing the sensory and tactile experience of textiles to control objects around the home. We prototype products for partners, license Bonnie Binary technology for third-party applications, and sell own-brand products.

Ultimately, Bonnie Binary’s accessible, intuitive, useful and friendly products bring the advantages of technology to a wider and different audience by packaging interactivity in new ways.

Research & Development

We are currently working through the process of bringing our products to market, undertaking R&D into industry production methods and exploring the user-experience.

Collaboration is key. We link with all sorts of people who don’t usually connect up – in electronics, textiles, materials science and digital making. It is a truly exciting field, mixing art and technology to create new objects and experiences.

We are working with academics to support research into how textile interfaces can help people interact with useful technology, as well as industry partners to explore and test our production methods, so we can create sustainable and reliable products.

Our pioneering research into E-Textiles is exploring the potential for soft, interactive and decorative textile interfaces that enable engagement in a wide range of fun, therapeutic and sociable activities – including  gamified exercises for those with restricted movement.

We are also investigating the potential of tactile interfaces to enable user-friendly control of technology in the home, and actively reaching-out to industrial manufacturers to develop new collaborations focused on viable/cost-effective making processes for our products.

Initial research and co-design methods inspire our products

Our initial research highlighted the difficulties some people can have accessing technology and the fears some have of using it wrong which stops them from having a go. We involve the end user at all stages of the design process to both create solutions and enable a new audience.

Research areas: Textile Sensors, User-experience, Tactile interfaces, touch & gesture, E-Textiles, Smart Textiles, Wearable Electronics, Assisted Living, Games controllers, Creative tech