About us

Comforting soothing textile products

Bonnie Binary makes beautiful, interactive and therapeutic textile products for people with sensory needs. Putting tactile experiences at the heart of our creations, every product is designed to nurture well-being.

Led by Annie, a specialist in textile and human-centred design, our team of experts and artisan makers create soothing and comforting touch therapy products that aid relaxation.

Our ambition

To bring calmness and delight to those in need through unique, interactive and sustainable products. Every Bonnie Binary creation is the result of extensive research into the benefits of sensory textiles and the exciting possibilities that e-textiles can bring to therapeutic products.
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Comfort Collection

Comforting, interactive textile products

Our first products

The Comfort Collection for everyone in need of a cuddle or hug.

The Comfort Collection combines colour, pattern and tactile surfaces to comfort the senses. Each cushion has been meticulously designed and embroidered by skilled artisans and makers for a truly calming experience.
Functionality is at the heart of everything we make at Bonnie Binary. The beautiful and sensual design of this first collection makes them stand out amongst well-being products.

Comforting, interactive textile products

What next ?

Our Interactive therapeutic collection

We are dedicated to making a meaningful social impact with our interactive sensory textiles.
We plan to combine our research findings into sensory needs with ground-breaking e-textile technology to deliver interactive and sensory experiences, such as soothing sounds, gentle vibration and warmth.
Our therapeutic collection is especially designed to support the daily lives of those managing with conditions such as anxiety, dementia, stress and mental health.
Ultimately, Bonnie Binary’s accessible, intuitive, useful and friendly products aim to bring the advantage of technology to a wider and different audience by packaging interactivity in new ways.